Decoding the Disciplines

Joan Middendorf

Joan MiddendorfJoan Middendorf is Lead Instructional Consultant at Indiana University’s Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning and Adjunct Professor in Higher Education & Student Affairs. She is the co-author of Decoding the Disciplines: Helping Students Learn Disciplinary Ways of Thinking and has published articles on the scholarship of teaching and learning in The Journal of American History, National Teaching and Learning Forum, College Teaching, To Improve the Academy, Journal of Geoscience Education, and the Intl. J. Sport Management and Marketing.  As co-principal investigator of the History Learning Project (HLP), she has focused on emotional bottlenecks in college history courses and devised strategies to help instructors address them. Along with Professors Diaz, Pace, and Shopkow the HLP won the 2008 Menges Research Award from the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education and the 2009 McGraw-Hill – Magna Publications Scholarly Work on Teaching and Learning Award. Joan likes to camp, garden, and practice T’ai Chi.

Decoding Publications

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